Saturday, March 26, 2011

Michelle Kane Actions!!!

So the other day, I saw via facebook that The Maternal Lens blog was having a giveaway of the fabulous Michelle Kane's actions! ...which I have coveted and drooled over since they came out a few months ago. So, as giveaways tend to go, you like the gift giver's page, and then maybe even post about it in your status. I already "liked" Michelle Kane's page, so I shared the giveaway on my status. And completely forgot about it. Cause I seriously never win anything. A few? couple? one? days later, I saw a post on my wall from the incredibly talented Melody White, congratulating me on winning the actions! Well I was shocked to say the least and couldn't believe it until I saw the actual posting of the winners...and as I was looking it up I called my family in to the office and wouldn't tell them why until I confirmed the glorious truth!!! (See it here) So after some freaking out...I haven't been that excited in I-don't-know-how-long...I contacted both the blog and Michelle and received the actions! (Yippee!) So I went back and found a couple of my favorite images to re-edit with the actions and see what I could come up with. It was so much fun! I'm thinking with the first image, her face is a little too white..but whatever. Here are a couple before and afters! I would love to hear your thoughts! Constructive criticism welcome...just be gentle! :)




  1. I think you've done a wonderful job. I would love to see the skin just a tad darker and warmer, but even without that, these look great. Doesn't hurt that your SOOC's are gorgeous! Congrats on winning!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I definitely agree about darkening the skin a little! I noticed that more of course once I posted them on here. LOVE the've really put such a perfectly comprehensive mix of actions together. Super clear and useful instructions also. Thank you thank you again!